A:Design Association held a talk at the Design Events 2009, Newcastle.

Speakers; Andy Baristow and Darren Richardson

Client – Nexus

This design talk started off with Andy Baristow telling about Metro (Tyne&Wear), about the change of face of the brand. How this was difficult because of their faithful visitors etc. Baristow showed different examples of how other brands have changed during the years, and alongside this he talked about the changes within his own company – the Metro system.

Darren Richardson gave an insight to the management of an iconic re-brand. He showed how the new developed design, the new face of the company, has been used in all the different areas.

My comments;

When going to this design event, I did not really know what to expect. I did not know what they were going to present or talk about. Because of this I got a little bit disappointed when I realized what re-branding it was about. (Probably because I do not know anything about this metro system, how it has developed.)  Then again, I found it interesting hearing about both the designer and the clients experiences when giving the company a new face.


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