Nouvelle Vague is a French band, formed in 2004. They are known for re-writing music from artists such as The Clash and Joy Division. They alter music that already exists, gives it a new  and original feel – makes it their own.


How is this relevant to my project?

– Useful to have a look at how other people, within other disciplines, have altered something.

Notes from session with Michael:

  • New Wave
  • Bossa Nova – Another musical form.
  • 60s – Remaking old songs/different styles.
  • Experimental, original, different, diversity in the songs. All their songs are different.
    (Conversions – making it very different.) Some of their songs are very stripped down,
    slow, while other ones are faster.
  • Have to stick out/find your own path within graphic design too, just like in the music industry.
  • Loads of similar artists, the ones who sticks out are the once who are interesting for people who are interested in music.
  • Re-working cherished tracks/using already existing material – Giving them a new life.

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