Notes from evening session with Michael

  • Find your own way to solve this project.
  • Doing the master to study and to improve your skills/portfolio.
  • What part of your dicipline would you like to work with?
  • Identify yourself.
  • Inform future employer = Career
  • Other designers; Tell them other things that are more relevant than the things they read.
  • Alteration = Telling a story. A story is alsways going to be altered in some way because it is constantly changing.

What  is your final product/your findings?

  • Find out during your research process what your product is going to be.
  • The way of making your product/outcome of this project will arise during this process.
  • Make something out of your research material.
  • By using your research to find your product you will end with something that you could
    not have come up with by yourself.
  • Indivudual work.
  • Make something that impresses you.
  • Research sessions.
  • Document, footnotes etc. (Library)
  • Newspapers, websites, movies – Find groundbreaking pieces of work.
  • Trace back historical figures.
  • Gain understanding of your favourite pieces of work.
  • Key references.
  • What do you have in common with your favurite designers?

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