Notes from evening session with Michael

  • Identifying a question – This would be valuable for our group for our presentation.
  • Pointing towards a question.
  • Who within my discipline have done something that would be interesting to look at?
  • Music – The way we approach life.
  • Avant-garde – When can we cash it in?

= Future Design!

  • Pick up and work with it in a new set of circumstances.
    We have the technology, but have to move further.
  • Look at your own way of working – Do something unique!

= Interventions!

  • Origination and/or producing.
  • Films/books dealing with alteration.
    Start/end/middle section – There is always changes in the middle section.

= Telling a story!

  • Adjusting something that is already there – Go back to go forward!

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