• Explore how an illustration could be made.
    Look at the use of different methods and techniques.
  • Different illustrators – What do they do and how do they work?
  • Pure -/applied research – Important to know the difference.
    It is not, as a graphic designer, useful to make illustrations which
    does not have a purpose. Important to know what the illustration
    is for and apply all the needed research too it.
    Example: Is it possible to make an illustration by only using charcoal?
  • Set yourself different project briefs in forms of simple questions.
  • Write a learning agreement to make it easier to know what direction to take.
  • What is the theme supporting the illustrations/s? Editorial or narrative?

Methods which could be used;

  • Pen, pencil, water colours, charcoal, scanned images/objects, a mixture of any of these.

Formats which could be used;

  • Books/book covers, t-shirts, posters etc.

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