Typographic exhibition which shows 8 years of research creation. It is an interactive and dynamic exhibition with text and type. The exhibition contains 7 different interactive installations where the viewer is invited to speak, touch move, watch – most important of it all is to look and read!

How is this relevant to my project:

This exhibition is all about using typography in unusual and new ways. Making it interesting for the viewer and engage the ones who are watching it. This is exactly what I am working on. My chosen ISTD brief is all about making people read, people who never really uses the opportunity to do so.

How can this affect my work in progress:

By looking and reading about this exhibition I was reminded of my own work. I have to think carefully about where my installations are to be installed and about how to make them interesting for “the man in the street”. I could try to make an interactive project where the viewer could engage and help me develop my work further.


Should make installations where people could react to what they read. This could be useful to see if my installations actually work. If I do not do this, who could I know if people actually read them? Question for thought.


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