Think this photo looks funky and pretty at the same time!
Chew gum and make sculptures people – Fun!

Materials Utopia

Put together by Core contributor and material expert Aart van Bezooyen.
Over four days, visitors were invited to transform natural gum—a super sustainable substance according to Aart—into tiny sculptures.

Utopia refers to a place which is not there yet, a good place. Panatom Gallery with Aart van Bezooyen invites you to join our efforts in envisioning a better tomorrow during this year’s International Design Festival Berlin. Our ‘working materials’ are sourced from an ancient process known in Mexico from long before the Aztec empire. Natural chewing gum sources from the rainforests of Mexico form the heart of a delicious exhibition. Taste for yourself!

Image-/text: http://www.core77.com/blog/events/dmy_berlin_chewing_gum_and_material_utopia__16691.asp


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