Awww – Sjokoladebollar! These remind me of my childhood. Used to make them all the time when me and my friends were still living at home in Førde. We used to invite each other over, made some of these together and watched whatever was on tv. We made them so often that at the end we didn’t even bother rolling them, just ate them straight from a big bowl!

Anyways – Saw some online earlier on today and couldn’t stop thinking about them. Decided to make some while making dinner – Quick and easy! Not exactly a healthy start of the week, but hey – We only live once! I’ll go for a jog tomorrow. See? All good!


1 dl sugar, 3 dl oatmeal, 100 gr. butter (melted), 2 tbsp coffee, 2 tbsp cocoa powder.
Mix it all together and roll into cute little balls – Roll them in some coconut sprinkles or oatmeal to make them look pretty. Let them cool down and set in the fridge till you simply can’t resist them!


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