1: I know, Gregory! It must be tiring being photographed at all times! Unfortunately – It won’t stop!
2: “One Mocha, please.” – Medium? “Yes, please!” Wow: It’s a size ‘Extremely Big’!
3: Ooops – Hipstamatic gave me a black eye. Not cool, but guess that’ll have to do this time!
4: I didn’t know that it’s actually possible to buy pet crabs – I want one!
5: Flowers – Pretty flowers! (The colours looks better in real life though!)
6: Gregory having a little guitar session in a random alleyway.
7: Dancing around in the streets of Boro with a guitar – Good times!
8: Gregory’s had enough of all the dancing, singing, playing etc. and thinks it’s time to go back home.
9: Also – Gregory came up to me in TK Maxx with the cutest shoes ever.
“Look what I found, Heidi. Imagine if we had a little person to put these on!”
10: Rounding up the weekend with a BigBonelessBucket from Dixy Chicken.
It’s Monday tomorrow – Time to start fresh!


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