Since last time I blogged I have been busy with all sorts: Halloween, wedding, London, graduation, graduation ball, Christmas preparations, work etc. I usually carry my camera with me wherever I go, and I have got SO many photos, but for now I just thought these snapshots, taken with my iPhone,  sums it all up (Hipstamatic: The loved and hated ‘Old Fashioned Polaroid’ application):

1: Two jars – Two flies! Don’t worry – I did let them out eventually!
2: The Elephant – My little elephant finally screen printed onto a second-hand t-shirt!
3: Another screen printed second-hand t-shirt. Illustration by my lovely boyfriend.
4: Christmas is right ’round the corner – Pretty jars full of homemade ginger nuts!
5: Homemade ginger nuts made with my mums fabulous Norwegian recipe.
6: Painting Christmas baubles… is hard!
7: Lovely Christmas lunch with Gregory on a relaxed Saturday.
8: Gregory surprised me with this beautiful corsage before going to his graduation ball.
9: Millie – My friends dog. I want one!
10: Monopoly night at a friend’s house. I lost.
(Got tired of playing and decided to keep the dog company instead.)
11. Homemade pizza! (Just noticed it looks a tad burnt.)


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