Absolutely love the John Lewis Christmas advert this year – Such a clever way of approaching their audience! The aim is of course, as for anything else, to sell their products, but by finding a different angle other than the ‘Come and buy our products because we want your money’ and focus on the people buying it and the people receiving it instead makes it feel like they actually care about their customers.

When watching it I get a flashback and remember how excited I was (and still am) when giving my parents or someone else a gift for Christmas that I knew they would really love – The feeling of being so excited that you can barely wait to see them unwrap the gift. Such a good feeling!

I wish Littlewoods would take note!

Just ‘listen’ to this:

Who put an xbox under the tree? Who buys a fidget just for me?
And who put a laptop on grandpa’s knee?
My mother!

Yo yo – My mother got a optimus prime for ben and HTC for uncle Ken.
My mother got a fuji camera for Jen.
My mother is wicked!

Who got dad a D&G and who got Sal some jewelry?
My lovely lovely mother!

Hate it! (So much that I don’t even want to post it on my blog.)


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