..and here are some of the things that gives me the festive feeling!

Nat King Cole – The Christmas Song

Homemade Norwegian ginger nuts. They taste more like caramel than ginger, but ginger nuts sounds better and more festive than caramel nuts doesn’t it?

Frank Sinatra – A Foggy Day

I must admit that making ginger bread, houses + decorating them took quite some time and at the end I was very tired of it all. But – When all the hard work is done comes the best bit: Eating it!

Patsy Cline – Crazy

Went to visit my good friend Nicholas Langley before going back home to Norway for Christmas. It’s always inspirational and fun to see how he’s decorated his house for Christmas!

Bing Crosby – I’m Creaming of A White Christmas

A little Christmas fair in Middlesbrough Town Centre. Thought it was a little bit funny that people are doing workshops about how to make gingerbread houses. I actually think mine and Gregory’s look just as good! Right?

Fjols til Fjells (Poppe (Leif Juster) og Rudolf (Unni Bernhoft)


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